Will Smith Motivational

Here is a video on Will Smith talking about life and Success..  Great motivational page.


Communicate.. Communicate.. Communicate..


One key characteristic to develop in life is the ability to communicate.   Having the ability to communicate gives someone the ability to tell people what they are about to do.  In terms of driving, the main elements used to communicate are the lights and car horn.

Let me talk about the car horn first.   Most drivers use the vehicle horn incorrectly.  Drivers use the horn AFTER something has happened.  Drivers use the horn to tell the other driver about their displeasure of their driving.  You know you have done it before.  When someone changes lanes right in front of you or when another driver fails to notice the street light turn red while turning left, that’s when drivers use the horn.  Let me tell you when we are suppose to use it.  Use it before it happens.

Scenario 1:  You are the 2nd car turning left at a traffic light.  The car in front of you fails to look at the traffic light and it turn turns red before the car turns.  So a typical driver will blast the horn to tell the driver in front to PLEASE TURN to say it nicely.

–  what you should do:  Well technically, only one car can turn left at a traffic light at the same time.  If you really must turn left, before the light turns red, notice the signs around you.  Is the car infront still stepping on the brakes.. is the pedestrian crossing already stopped..  when the light turns yellow, a little beep on the car horn warns the car in front that the light is about to turn red.  Problem solved.

Scenario 2:   A car from the other lane doesn’t shoulder check and cuts you off or forces you to slam on the brake or turn to the lane on the other side.  For starters, always avoid staying in a cars blind side as I mentioned in my previous post.    Everytime you have a car in the other lane that you are potentially in the blind spot off, always keep your hand on the horn so you can communicate as soon as you notice them try to change lanes.  (side note: always speed up or slow down to avoid being in a blind spot).

Next are the lights… it’s really very simple. USE IT!  When you do not signal when changing lanes or turning you are not communicating with the other drivers.  The other drivers cannot read your mind.  So USE your lights.

Communicate.. Communicate.. Communicate..

Basic Vehicle Fixes: Part 1

One aspect that some drivers fail to learn are some basic car maintenance fixes.  Just like anything in life, you need to learn and acquire the knowledge before you can become successful at something.  It is the same thing with driving.  In order to make driving even more enjoyable, why not learn some basic car fixes.  Here are some scenarios that could happen to any driver someday:

1.  Car won’t start

–  First thing you do is check what happens when you turn the key. If you turn the key and nothing happens, no sound and the engine doesn’t crank.  The first thing you should check is the battery.  Either your battery is dead and will need to be jump started or the connectors to your battery is corroded or loose.  Simple open the hood and look at the battery connectors.  If it’s loose then just tighten it and try to start again.  If it’s not loose and it doesn’t look corroded then you will need to get your car jump started.  I found this link on wiki how on how to jump start a car.

–  If the engine cranks but it doesn’t start then it’s a bit more complicated.  Could be fuel related where the fuel isn’t being pumped to the engine or could be main relay issue or no spark to start the engine.  When an engine doesn’t start, it’s either spark, fuel, battery.

2.  While driving, the car won’t go straight or doesn’t feel stable while driving during higher speeds

–  this can only be a few things.  First thing to check will be the tires, are any of your tires flat?  If it is then we found the problem.  If not, next thing to do is to check the tire pressure.  Make sure you have the correct amount of tire pressure on all 4 tires.  If that still doesn’t correct the problem then there are 3 more options to take.  1.  You might need new tires 2.  You might need to get your wheels balanced cause it might not be turning correctly so tire shops put these weights on the wheels to make them balanced 3. You need an alignment.  Any tire shop can help you with any of these 3 options.

There are several other issues that might come up and I will try and discuss them at a later date.  For now, these 2 are the most common issues drivers might have to deal with.

Get out of the Blind Spot







Pardon my doodle, but I wanted to demonstrate what perfect spacing between cars should be on the road.  Car “C” is far enough away from Car “B” that it isn’t in the blind spot which also makes it far enough away from Car “A” which gives Car “C” enough braking time in case of emergency.  Same with Car “B” which is not in Car “A”‘s blind spot and it has enough room.

One problem people get into on the road without noticing is they stay in a cars blind spot too long.  Sometimes when we drive, we concentrate too much on the car in front of us that we forget where we are in relation to the cars in the other lanes.  It doesn’t matter if you are a professional driver, a daily driver, or a beginner,  if someone stays in your blind spot long enough you will forget which leads to accidents.  (of course, it can be avoided by shoulder checking before changing lanes but I prefer going another step before that to avoid the accident)..


To illustrate my point, if Car “C” stays in this position which is in Car “B”‘s blind spot long enough.  Car “B” will forget that Car “C” is even there.  Eventually, Car “B” might switch lanes thinking there is no car there.  So what Car “C” needs to do, is to either speed up or slow down.  The smart move in this scenario is to slow down which brings the perfect spacing illustrated on the first picture at the top of the page.

Get out of the Blind spot.. Speed up or Slow down..



Address(A) subtract 16 equals Cross Street(C) **A-16=C**

Driving Equation:    A-16 = C

Ever wondered what cross street your destination or a certain address is?  It can all be explained by the driving equation mentioned above.  What the heck does that mean your asking?  Before I explain I just want to specify the requirements to use that equation.  The requirements are:

–  This equation (as far as I know) only works in the City of Vancouver,British Columbia.

–  It only works on streets that are going NORTH AND SOUTH.  (ex: Arbutus, Burrard, Granville, Oak, Cambie, Main, Fraser, Knight, Commercial, Victoria, Nanaimo, Renfrew, Rupert, etc. etc. and all the side streets.. )

Now that the requirements have been specified let’s go through some examples…

A – 16 = C     means  (Take the first 2 numbers of the Address) – 16 = The cross street

example 1:  Spank clothing on South Granville = 2741 Granville st. Vancouver,BC .. So take the first 2 numbers of the address which is “27” and subract 16… so it’s 27-16 = 11.  So the answer is 11.  Which means Spank Clothing is close to the corner of Granville st. and 11th ave.  The higher the rest of the numbers on the address in this case “41” means its close to halfway between 11th and 12th ave.  Just as an extra tip: In Vancouver, everything on the west side of the street the last number of the address are odd numbers and the east side of the street are even numbers.

example 2:  Let’s say your achin for some dimsum food and a friend suggested Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant on Main st.  Their address is 3888 Main st. Vancouver,BC.  Taking my extra tip in the previous example, you already know since the last digit is “8” its on the east side of the street.  With our equation, take the first 2 numbers “38”..  38-16 = 22.  Which means Sun Sui Wah restaurant is in the corner of Main st. and 22nd street.  Since the last 2 digits(88) are close to 100, it’s probably closer to 23 than 22.  (basic math).

last example:  One of my favorite stores is London Drugs.  Let’s say I really need some camera equipment and I google London drugs and the closest one that shows is the Victoria dr. branch.  The address there is:  5639 Victoria Dr. Vancouver,BC.  Since the last digit is 9, I already know its on the west side of the street(odd number).  So I take the first 2 digits “56”, 56 – 16 = 40.  This means this London Drugs branch is on Victoria Dr. and 40th ave.  Since the last 2 digits is 39 this means its probably closer to 40th ave than 41st ave.

Yes I do enjoy Math and yes I did get an “A” in Math all throughout high school and University.  But this is simple subtraction, you don’t need to be a Mathematician to use this equation.  Now you know the simple equation, use it and it will make driving more enjoyable.   I’m waving my magic wand right now and saying “TADA!!

Car is a Missile

Let’s see..

Your car is travelling on average 60km/h.   It has an internal combustion engine* and a whole lot of gasoline.  If that isn’t a missile I do not know what is.  Maybe if people start thinking this way when driving, it might just make them drive more cautiously.

*internal combustion engine
–  just a simplied version of how it works.  The piston inside the engine goes up and down.  As it goes down, the chamber is filled with a mixtire of air and fuel. Then as the piston comes back up, the air and fuel is compressed inside the chamber them the engine sends a spark from the spark plug.. then boooooommm. We have combustion