Communicate.. Communicate.. Communicate..


One key characteristic to develop in life is the ability to communicate.   Having the ability to communicate gives someone the ability to tell people what they are about to do.  In terms of driving, the main elements used to communicate are the lights and car horn.

Let me talk about the car horn first.   Most drivers use the vehicle horn incorrectly.  Drivers use the horn AFTER something has happened.  Drivers use the horn to tell the other driver about their displeasure of their driving.  You know you have done it before.  When someone changes lanes right in front of you or when another driver fails to notice the street light turn red while turning left, that’s when drivers use the horn.  Let me tell you when we are suppose to use it.  Use it before it happens.

Scenario 1:  You are the 2nd car turning left at a traffic light.  The car in front of you fails to look at the traffic light and it turn turns red before the car turns.  So a typical driver will blast the horn to tell the driver in front to PLEASE TURN to say it nicely.

–  what you should do:  Well technically, only one car can turn left at a traffic light at the same time.  If you really must turn left, before the light turns red, notice the signs around you.  Is the car infront still stepping on the brakes.. is the pedestrian crossing already stopped..  when the light turns yellow, a little beep on the car horn warns the car in front that the light is about to turn red.  Problem solved.

Scenario 2:   A car from the other lane doesn’t shoulder check and cuts you off or forces you to slam on the brake or turn to the lane on the other side.  For starters, always avoid staying in a cars blind side as I mentioned in my previous post.    Everytime you have a car in the other lane that you are potentially in the blind spot off, always keep your hand on the horn so you can communicate as soon as you notice them try to change lanes.  (side note: always speed up or slow down to avoid being in a blind spot).

Next are the lights… it’s really very simple. USE IT!  When you do not signal when changing lanes or turning you are not communicating with the other drivers.  The other drivers cannot read your mind.  So USE your lights.

Communicate.. Communicate.. Communicate..


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