Address(A) subtract 16 equals Cross Street(C) **A-16=C**

Driving Equation:    A-16 = C

Ever wondered what cross street your destination or a certain address is?  It can all be explained by the driving equation mentioned above.  What the heck does that mean your asking?  Before I explain I just want to specify the requirements to use that equation.  The requirements are:

–  This equation (as far as I know) only works in the City of Vancouver,British Columbia.

–  It only works on streets that are going NORTH AND SOUTH.  (ex: Arbutus, Burrard, Granville, Oak, Cambie, Main, Fraser, Knight, Commercial, Victoria, Nanaimo, Renfrew, Rupert, etc. etc. and all the side streets.. )

Now that the requirements have been specified let’s go through some examples…

A – 16 = C     means  (Take the first 2 numbers of the Address) – 16 = The cross street

example 1:  Spank clothing on South Granville = 2741 Granville st. Vancouver,BC .. So take the first 2 numbers of the address which is “27” and subract 16… so it’s 27-16 = 11.  So the answer is 11.  Which means Spank Clothing is close to the corner of Granville st. and 11th ave.  The higher the rest of the numbers on the address in this case “41” means its close to halfway between 11th and 12th ave.  Just as an extra tip: In Vancouver, everything on the west side of the street the last number of the address are odd numbers and the east side of the street are even numbers.

example 2:  Let’s say your achin for some dimsum food and a friend suggested Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant on Main st.  Their address is 3888 Main st. Vancouver,BC.  Taking my extra tip in the previous example, you already know since the last digit is “8” its on the east side of the street.  With our equation, take the first 2 numbers “38”..  38-16 = 22.  Which means Sun Sui Wah restaurant is in the corner of Main st. and 22nd street.  Since the last 2 digits(88) are close to 100, it’s probably closer to 23 than 22.  (basic math).

last example:  One of my favorite stores is London Drugs.  Let’s say I really need some camera equipment and I google London drugs and the closest one that shows is the Victoria dr. branch.  The address there is:  5639 Victoria Dr. Vancouver,BC.  Since the last digit is 9, I already know its on the west side of the street(odd number).  So I take the first 2 digits “56”, 56 – 16 = 40.  This means this London Drugs branch is on Victoria Dr. and 40th ave.  Since the last 2 digits is 39 this means its probably closer to 40th ave than 41st ave.

Yes I do enjoy Math and yes I did get an “A” in Math all throughout high school and University.  But this is simple subtraction, you don’t need to be a Mathematician to use this equation.  Now you know the simple equation, use it and it will make driving more enjoyable.   I’m waving my magic wand right now and saying “TADA!!


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