Get out of the Blind Spot







Pardon my doodle, but I wanted to demonstrate what perfect spacing between cars should be on the road.  Car “C” is far enough away from Car “B” that it isn’t in the blind spot which also makes it far enough away from Car “A” which gives Car “C” enough braking time in case of emergency.  Same with Car “B” which is not in Car “A”‘s blind spot and it has enough room.

One problem people get into on the road without noticing is they stay in a cars blind spot too long.  Sometimes when we drive, we concentrate too much on the car in front of us that we forget where we are in relation to the cars in the other lanes.  It doesn’t matter if you are a professional driver, a daily driver, or a beginner,  if someone stays in your blind spot long enough you will forget which leads to accidents.  (of course, it can be avoided by shoulder checking before changing lanes but I prefer going another step before that to avoid the accident)..


To illustrate my point, if Car “C” stays in this position which is in Car “B”‘s blind spot long enough.  Car “B” will forget that Car “C” is even there.  Eventually, Car “B” might switch lanes thinking there is no car there.  So what Car “C” needs to do, is to either speed up or slow down.  The smart move in this scenario is to slow down which brings the perfect spacing illustrated on the first picture at the top of the page.

Get out of the Blind spot.. Speed up or Slow down..




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